Garments & Fabrics

These are imported and retailed within the country, imported from China and turkey mainly.

Transport & Logistics

Ranging from shipping to a complete value chain of service upto delivery of the customers cargo, with a wide range of transportation partners we provide logistics services to clients in a reliable and efficient manner.

Farming & Exportation of Agricultural Products

This is a new project under development but already on course, Corn Grain Farming and Arabica coffee farming has started - with the aim of hanessing the export market and also provision of reliable and adquate Farm produce to the local Dealers in factories or Industries.

Branded Perfumes

Many dealers in Uganda are beneficiaries to this, most of these consignments come from UAE Dubai

Importation of New Cars

This is another WIP as Jomaz is in negotiations and with the Chinese Giant car manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) - to solely provide dealership services for the Tank 500 and Tank 300 models made by this company to be introduced in Uganda and the Greater 6 East African countries.

Used car Importation & Exportation

This is done through a wide number of partners, Cars are exported to markets of Congo and South Sudan. Then internal car dealerships for private importers and exporters From mainly Japan and The UK.

Entertainment Services

This is a WIP, work in progress service, As Jomaz is still in negotiations with the beIN sports Media Group of Doha Qatar.... And more to this shall be updated and shared.

Our Partners

Our Partners include the following belows